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EAAMP stands for Emirates Association of Arts and Management Professionals that is dedicated to the research in Arts, Humanities and Management. EAAMP is registered society to promote research and it also organizes conferences as well as workshops. We welcome professors, Researchers and professional from Industry who want to join us or contribute. EAAMP  is associated with Emirates Research Publishing.

The basic Aims & Objectives of Emirates Association of Arts and Management Professionals (EAAMP) are to bring together Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Scholars and Students in the areas of Arts, Humanities and Management, and provides a forum for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas, Research and development, practical experiments, which concentrate on both theory and practices, for the benefit of human-being. In addition to that it also tries to promote scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of the theory and practice of related fields for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare. It also Cooperate with researchers and institutions of higher learning in any part of the country having objectives similar to those of the society

Nov. 8-9, 201921st BUDAPEST International Conference on Law, Business, Education and Corporate Social Responsibilities (LBECSR-19) Budapest (Hungary) Oct 16, 2019
Nov. 8-9, 201922nd HUNGARY International Conference on Education, Law, Business and Interdisciplinary Studies (ELBIS-19) Budapest (Hungary) Oct 16, 2019
Dec. 23-25, 201923rd PATTAYA – THAILAND International Conference on Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities (PTSSH-19) Pattaya (Thailand)Nov 10, 2019